Services-Consulting & Designing



Based on customer’s wishes and ideas, Thuan Phat Steel will quickly propose a suitable plan on design, production – processing, erection, cost and time.

One of our company’s outstanding feature is projects with optimal design solutions from our professionally trained team with years of experiences.

Thuan Phat Steel brings customers absolute satisfaction and trust with high design quality, suitability for the harsh conditions of weather and environment

Our engineer team performs the designs through these following stages:

- Preliminary design: Based on customer's idea, Thuan Phat will offer options for customers to evaluate and choose.

- Technical design: All architectural drawings as well as steel structure drawings are all evaluated to ensure safety in bearing capacity, load according to requirements of use, environment, aesthetic, etc.

– Production design: Make sure about the accuracy and detailed about each component, size, quantity, technical requirements, 3D shape.

– Installation design: Describe the layout of each component and requirements, installation phase diagram.


Design standards:

American Standard

ANSI/AISC - LRFD 93 Specification for structural steel building
AISC S329-85 Allowable stress design

Vietnamese Standard

TCVN 5575: 2012 Design standards for steel structures

TCVN 2737: 2020 Load standards


Structural Analysis


3D BIM designing and modelling