About us-Target

Thuan Phat Steel Structure Investment and Construction Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise operating in the fields of design consultancy, manufacturing and trading of steel structure products, pre-engineered steel building frames and construction. civil and industrial constructions, metal roofing sheets, lifting equipment for civil and industrial construction works.
The company is equipped with all kinds of machinery and equipment in metal processing: cutting, automatic welding, punching machine, column beam straightening machine, sand blasting cleaning, painting on paint spraying equipment. vacuum. The work from embryo processing to finishing is done with a full range of testing equipment and support tools, along with a team of skilled technicians and workers who have participated in the design, manufacture and erection of equipment. domestic and international industrial buildings and warehouses. Being highly appreciated by partners for product quality from the procedure to the completion of the project.

All products of the Company are designed and manufactured according to Vietnamese standards, Japanese standards, American standards and European standards. The design work is fully equipped with automatic calculation programs and often cooperates with research institutes, consulting companies and relevant specialized agencies to work together to provide structural solutions. and the best product for the market.
The works that the Company has constructed all meet all technical requirements, quality, art and progress along with the appropriate price, creating peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Becoming a leading steel structure company in Vietnam.