About us-Human

Identifying people as the core factor that creates the strength of the company, the Company pays great attention to building policies related to employees:
Thuan Phat manpower represents decades of experience in the construction industry and steel structure. The extensive experience of Thuan Phat employees, the skills and skill of the workers, the proficiency of the technical staff and the talent of the management team is a strength, contributing a great part in Our success to this day.
Currently, Thuan Phat's staff includes dozens of engineers, experts and experts. Our staff represents a dynamic, talented, enthusiastic and creative work force. We always want to bring our knowledge, youth and experience to the development of the Company. Thuan Phat individuals share their dreams and ambitions, opening a new direction in the construction industry, creating modern and convenient infrastructure, commercial centers, office buildings and residential areas. and environmentally friendly. We are working together for a common goal of bringing a new look and height to the construction industry, catching up with advanced technology in the region and around the world.
We appreciate the skills, strength, talents, and dedication of our employees, as well as creating a dynamic working environment that enables every member of the company to maximize their ability and skills to do so. job. In return, Thuan Phat also ensures to provide necessary resources, maintain and promote adequate incentives for staff such as health insurance, social insurance, sports and entertainment activities, training opportunities. , Career Development. Moreover, we will always strive to improve the quality of the remuneration system for employees, treat fairly on the principle of trust and respect.
Working together, we believe we can fulfill our commitment and go further on the path of development.